Our People


The sixty-plus volunteers at Stirling CAB are highly professional. In terms of both qualifications and experience they create a credible ‘talent pool’ comprising a great variety of knowledge, experience and skills which easily match and possibly even exceed other similar organisations whose staff are all paid. It is clear that volunteers play an invaluable part in what makes CAB an acclaimed social brand.

Stirling Citizens Advice Bureau is governed by a Board of Trustees who are all volunteers.

The most recent volunteer skills audit recorded the following:
All volunteer respondents held some form of academic and/or professional qualification
A significant proportion had Masters degrees and other postgraduate qualifications
Volunteers came from a diverse range of professional backgrounds: education, business, finance and legal professions were amongst the largest
A substantial proportion of volunteers had held senior managerial positions.
Volunteers had been members of a variety of professional bodies; notable examples included the Law Society for Scotland, General Teaching Council of Scotland, The Royal College of Nursing, The British Institute of Management, The Institute of Directors and the Royal Aeronautical Society.

Some of our Volunteers Some of our Volunteers

Paid Staff

The Bureau’s employees comprise those who help with the Core Advisory Service and those employed on a specific Project.

The Bureau is led by Craig Anderson:

Picture of Craig Anderson